There are five completed modern buildings in the Paldiski Logistics Park: a 3-storey office building of 1075 sqm, a heatable warehouse/production buildings of 9000 sqm (6000 sqm + 3000 sqm), a heatable warehouse/production building of 3000 sqm and unheated hall building with gable roof of 1500 sqm.

The advantages of Paldiski Logistics Park are:

  • Very good location for handling the flow of goods related to the ports of Paldiski;
  • There is a railway branch line on the territory;
  • Free space for development;
  • Own territory in the Paldiski Northern Port area;
  • Better rent compared to the rest of the Harju County;
  • Frequent public transportation connection with Tallinn;
  • Public transportation stop - 500 m.

In addition to the above-described buildings the RRK Paldiski Logistics Park includes 15 ha of undeveloped land on the same territory and 1,6 ha land (on the port terminal) next to the Northern Port of Paldiski and in the vicinity of the Southern Port (in the distance of 1.5 km from the logistics park).

If the territory of the RRK Paldiski Logistics Park is located in favourable position for your activities, please let us know your possible development wish. If the nature of your business fits our development plans, we will be glad to make you an offer for the development and renting of premises which are suitable for you.