From this subtopic you will find the rental offers of vacant warehouse in the RRK Tapa Logistics Park which an intermediate warehouse of rail transport in an ideal location – next to the Tapa railway junction.

Tapa Logistics Park has six similar unheated warehouses each 6600 sqm, with total area nearly 40 000 sqm. The warehouse buildings consist of 900 sqm or 1600 sqm chambers with internal height of 6.2 metres. Every building has to the whole length of the building a railway trestle on one side and a car trestle on the other side of the building.

The advantages of Tapa Logistics Park are: 

  • Good price;
  • Ideal locations for servicing railway-relate transit;
  • Direct proximity of the Tapa Railroad Station;
  • 24h guarded and closed territory. 

If the Tapa Logistics Park is suitable for your business namely because of its location (railway connection) but the technical conditions do not comply with your requirements, then please let us know you possible wish. For example, if you need a heatable warehouse or a warehouse with adjustable air humidity regime. If possible, we will prepare you a special offer taking into consideration your needs.

A customer need not have its own workforce locally in the Tapa Logistics Park, as the RRK subsidiary company Estonia Logistics OÜ renders there the regular warehouse and customs warehouse services.