About RRK

RRK Logistics Parks is an enterprise focused on development of logistics real estate and renting warehouse and industrial premises. The company was privatized in 1999 and is 100% based on private capital.

RRK Logistics Parks has become leading developer and landlord of logistics real estate in Estonia- the total area of registered immovable developed by the enterprise is 1.2 million sqm, including the total area of buildingswhich is approximately 160 000 sqm.

The main criterias of the RRK Logistics Parks real estate are: proximity of important ports, existing railway infrastructure, good connection with bigger highways and a good perspective in view of the transit sector developments in the future.

In addition to letting warehouse premises, RRK provides through its subsidiary company Estonia Logistics OÜ the regular warehouse and customs warehouse services. Estonia Logistics OÜ operates in the logistics parks owned by RRK, rendering services to these customers who cannot or do not wish to handle their goods themselves.

The purpose of RRK is to provide good conditions to existing and new customers for making business in its logistics parks.

RRK Logistics Parks is a network of logistics parks incorporating logistics parks all over Estonia:

  • Liiva Centre in Tallinn (warehouse premises, total area 11 ha, total area of buildings 52 000 sqm + development project 18 000 sqm)
  • Vana-Narva Logistics Park in Maardu warehouse premises, total area 12 ha, total area of buildings 47 000 sqm + development project 14 000 sqm)
  • Paldiski Logistics Park (industrial premises, total area 17 + 1,6 ha, total area of buildings 15 000 sqm)
  • Tapa Logistics Park (warehouse premises, total area 20 ha, total area of buildings 42 000 sqm)
  • Paide Centre (industrial-warehouse premises, area of buildings 4300 sqm)
  • Tallinn Intermodal Railway Container Terminal at Muuga (development project 28 ha)
  • Narva Logistics Park (development project 29 ha)